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Ruby Mystica

The Creative Graveyard of CCMars

The Creative Graveyard of CCMars
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Welcome to Ruby Mystica, the creative journal for ccmars. Here is where I'll be posting my icons, Friends Only Banners, drabbles, drawings, and whatever else comes out of the dark corners of my brain.

Now for the good stuff.

That's right. I have rules for using my stuff. Deal with it.

1. Comment please?
First of all I will honestly not mind if you don't comment before using my icons or FO banners. However, I WOULD like it if you do so I can know who is going to use my stuff, and it's just the polite thing to do. =P
As for commenting on my other stuff, such as stories and artwork, that would be nice too. =) I take constructive criticism; I'm always looking to improve my work. Flames will be deleted, so don't even bother. Yes there is a difference between the two.

2. Credit me, dammit!
Should you decide to use an icon or FO banner, please credit either ccmars or ruby_mystica. The only time you do NOT have to do so is when I make a mention of it on my post. Most likely these will be the ones that took little to no effort in making. I'm not that anal. =)

"Golly gee whiz, how do you credit someone?" This is how.

3. Please please, for DOYC's sake, DO NOT HOTLINK!
Hotlinking means taking the address of someone else's picture and linking it onto your own journal. THIS IS BAD. My pictures may be through Photobucket, but the linking (and therefore bandwidth draining) still comes from MY account. In short, get your own account from Photobucket (or some other image hosting site), or use your own server to upload the pictures.

Um, that feather-like brush in the titles there? I forget where I found it. ^^ So if that brush is yours, please comment or e-mail me so I can credit you properly.

Other than that, resources for my work can be found here.

Want to affiliate with me? Just comment on any entry and we'll talk. ^__^